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Metadata-Version: 2.1
Name: aiohttp
Version: 3.6.2
Summary: Async http client/server framework (asyncio)
Author: Nikolay Kim
Maintainer: Nikolay Kim <>, Andrew Svetlov <>
License: Apache 2
Project-URL: Coverage: codecov,
Project-URL: Docs: RTD,
Project-URL: CI: AppVeyor,
Project-URL: CI: Circle,
Project-URL: Chat: Gitter,
Project-URL: GitHub: issues,
Project-URL: CI: Shippable,
Project-URL: GitHub: repo,
Project-URL: CI: Travis,
Platform: UNKNOWN
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.5
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.6
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7
Classifier: Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Classifier: Operating System :: POSIX
Classifier: Operating System :: MacOS :: MacOS X
Classifier: Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows
Classifier: Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP
Classifier: Framework :: AsyncIO
Requires-Python: >=3.5.3
Requires-Dist: attrs (>=17.3.0)
Requires-Dist: chardet (<4.0,>=2.0)
Requires-Dist: multidict (<5.0,>=4.5)
Requires-Dist: async-timeout (<4.0,>=3.0)
Requires-Dist: yarl (<2.0,>=1.0)
Requires-Dist: idna-ssl (>=1.0) ; python_version < "3.7"
Requires-Dist: typing-extensions (>=3.6.5) ; python_version < "3.7"
Provides-Extra: speedups
Requires-Dist: aiodns ; extra == 'speedups'
Requires-Dist: brotlipy ; extra == 'speedups'
Requires-Dist: cchardet ; extra == 'speedups'
Async http client/server framework
.. image::
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:alt: aiohttp logo
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Key Features
- Supports both client and server side of HTTP protocol.
- Supports both client and server Web-Sockets out-of-the-box and avoids
Callback Hell.
- Provides Web-server with middlewares and pluggable routing.
Getting started
To get something from the web:
.. code-block:: python
import aiohttp
import asyncio
async def fetch(session, url):
async with session.get(url) as response:
return await response.text()
async def main():
async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session:
html = await fetch(session, '')
if __name__ == '__main__':
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
An example using a simple server:
.. code-block:: python
# examples/
from aiohttp import web
async def handle(request):
name = request.match_info.get('name', "Anonymous")
text = "Hello, " + name
return web.Response(text=text)
async def wshandle(request):
ws = web.WebSocketResponse()
await ws.prepare(request)
async for msg in ws:
if msg.type == web.WSMsgType.text:
await ws.send_str("Hello, {}".format(
elif msg.type == web.WSMsgType.binary:
await ws.send_bytes(
elif msg.type == web.WSMsgType.close:
return ws
app = web.Application()
app.add_routes([web.get('/', handle),
web.get('/echo', wshandle),
web.get('/{name}', handle)])
if __name__ == '__main__':
External links
* `Third party libraries
* `Built with aiohttp
* `Powered by aiohttp
Feel free to make a Pull Request for adding your link to these pages!
Communication channels
*aio-libs* google group:!forum/aio-libs
Feel free to post your questions and ideas here.
*gitter chat*
We support `Stack Overflow
Please add *aiohttp* tag to your question there.
- Python >= 3.5.3
- async-timeout_
- attrs_
- chardet_
- multidict_
- yarl_
Optionally you may install the cChardet_ and aiodns_ libraries (highly
recommended for sake of speed).
.. _chardet:
.. _aiodns:
.. _attrs:
.. _multidict:
.. _yarl:
.. _async-timeout:
.. _cChardet:
``aiohttp`` is offered under the Apache 2 license.
The aiohttp community would like to thank Keepsafe
( for its support in the early days of
the project.
Source code
The latest developer version is available in a GitHub repository:
If you are interested in efficiency, the AsyncIO community maintains a
list of benchmarks on the official wiki:
You should *NOT* be adding new change log entries to this file, this
file is managed by towncrier. You *may* edit previous change logs to
fix problems like typo corrections or such.
To add a new change log entry, please see
we named the news folder "changes".
WARNING: Don't drop the next directive!
.. towncrier release notes start
3.6.2 (2019-10-09)
- Made exceptions pickleable. Also changed the repr of some exceptions.
`#4077 <>`_
- Use ``Iterable`` type hint instead of ``Sequence`` for ``Application`` *middleware*
parameter. `#4125 <>`_
- Reset the ``sock_read`` timeout each time data is received for a
``aiohttp.ClientResponse``. `#3808
- Fix handling of expired cookies so they are not stored in CookieJar.
`#4063 <>`_
- Fix misleading message in the string representation of ``ClientConnectorError``;
``self.ssl == None`` means default SSL context, not SSL disabled `#4097
- Don't clobber HTTP status when using FileResponse.
`#4106 <>`_
Improved Documentation
- Added minimal required logging configuration to logging documentation.
`#2469 <>`_
- Update docs to reflect proxy support.
`#4100 <>`_
- Fix typo in code example in testing docs.
`#4108 <>`_
- `#4102 <>`_
3.6.1 (2019-09-19)
- Compatibility with Python 3.8.
`#4056 <>`_
- correct some exception string format
`#4068 <>`_
- Emit a warning when ``ssl.OP_NO_COMPRESSION`` is
unavailable because the runtime is built against
an outdated OpenSSL.
`#4052 <>`_
- Update multidict requirement to >= 4.5
`#4057 <>`_
Improved Documentation
- Provide pytest-aiohttp namespace for pytest fixtures in docs.
`#3723 <>`_
3.6.0 (2019-09-06)
- Add support for Named Pipes (Site and Connector) under Windows. This feature requires
Proactor event loop to work. `#3629
- Removed ``Transfer-Encoding: chunked`` header from websocket responses to be
compatible with more http proxy servers. `#3798
- Accept non-GET request for starting websocket handshake on server side.
`#3980 <>`_
- Raise a ClientResponseError instead of an AssertionError for a blank
HTTP Reason Phrase.
`#3532 <>`_
- Fix an issue where cookies would sometimes not be set during a redirect.
`#3576 <>`_
- Change normalize_path_middleware to use 308 redirect instead of 301.
This behavior should prevent clients from being unable to use PUT/POST
methods on endpoints that are redirected because of a trailing slash.
`#3579 <>`_
- Drop the processed task from ``all_tasks()`` list early. It prevents logging about a
task with unhandled exception when the server is used in conjunction with
````. `#3587 <>`_
- ``Signal`` type annotation changed from ``Signal[Callable[['TraceConfig'],
Awaitable[None]]]`` to ``Signal[Callable[ClientSession, SimpleNamespace, ...]``.
`#3595 <>`_
- Use sanitized URL as Location header in redirects
`#3614 <>`_
- Improve typing annotations for along with changes required
by mypy in files that references
`#3621 <>`_
- Close session created inside ``aiohttp.request`` when unhandled exception occurs
`#3628 <>`_
- Cleanup per-chunk data in generic data read. Memory leak fixed.
`#3631 <>`_
- Use correct type for add_view and family
`#3633 <>`_
- Fix _keepalive field in __slots__ of ``RequestHandler``.
`#3644 <>`_
- Properly handle ConnectionResetError, to silence the "Cannot write to closing
transport" exception when clients disconnect uncleanly.
`#3648 <>`_
- Suppress pytest warnings due to ``test_utils`` classes
`#3660 <>`_
- Fix overshadowing of overlapped sub-application prefixes.
`#3701 <>`_
- Fixed return type annotation for WSMessage.json()
`#3720 <>`_
- Properly expose TooManyRedirects publicly as documented.
`#3818 <>`_
- Fix missing brackets for IPv6 in proxy CONNECT request